type_pool  1.2
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type_pool< T, Allocator > Member List
This is the complete list of members for type_pool< T, Allocator >, including all inherited members.
allocate()chunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator > [inline]
allocator_type typedefchunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator >
chunk_pool(size_t preallocate=0, size_t cap=max_size())chunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator > [inline]
get_ptr(U &&t)type_pool< T, Allocator > [inline]
get_ptr(Args &&...args)type_pool< T, Allocator > [inline]
get_shared(U &&t)type_pool< T, Allocator > [inline]
get_shared(Args &&...args)type_pool< T, Allocator > [inline]
get_unique(U &&t)type_pool< T, Allocator > [inline]
get_unique(Args &&...args)type_pool< T, Allocator > [inline]
max_size()chunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator > [inline, protected, static]
pointer typedefchunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator >
chunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator >::release(typename Allocator::pointer p)chunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator > [inline]
type_pool(size_t preallocate=0, size_t cap=chunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator >::max_size())type_pool< T, Allocator > [inline]
unique_ptr typedeftype_pool< T, Allocator >
~chunk_pool()chunk_pool< sizeof(T), Allocator > [inline, virtual]